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About XML Sitemap Generator

An XML sitemap is a file that contains information about videos, images, pages and how they relate to each other on a website.


XML Sitemaps are web pages that list all pages of a website, including its title, description, keywords, and links to other pages. This allows search engines to crawl the site and index it. When someone searches for a particular term, the search engine will find your site, read through its pages and return a list of links to relevant pages. It’s a great way to help search engines understand your site better.


An XML sitemap generator is a tool that helps webmasters generate an XML file containing links to all the pages on their site. The XML sitemap file can then be submitted to search engines to help them better crawl and index your site.

Importance of Using Sitemaps

  1. Indexing: Sitemaps are extremely helpful when it comes to SEO. They help search engines to navigate and index websites more effectively. So, if you have a website, it is a good idea to create a sitemap.
  2. Improve Your User Experience: When someone searches for a topic on Google or Bing, they will see a list of results. However, they will not always be able to see all the information that they need. So, you need to make sure that your site has a sitemap. This will help users to view more information and find more relevant information.
  3. Sitemaps improve your ranking: Google uses a variety of factors to rank websites. However, one of the most important things that they look at is how well optimized your website is. So, if your website has a sitemap, it will improve your rankings. 
  4. Sitemaps help crawlers: Crawlers are search engine bots. They crawl the web and collect data from websites. They are an important part of Google and other search engines. This will help crawlers to crawl and index your website more efficiently.
  5. Help visitors navigate easily: Sitemaps help visitors stay on your website. They help visitors navigate your site without having to search around. With a sitemap, your visitors won’t have to worry about finding their way around.
  6. Help Search Engines Find Your Content: Sitemaps allow search engines to find your content. As search engines crawl through your website, they can see what pages you have created. A sitemap makes sure that your pages are easy for search engines to find.
  7. Improve Your SEO: If you want to improve your search engine optimization, you can create a sitemap. This will help you to improve your page rank and you can also improve your search engine ranking.
  8. Improve Your Traffic: Improve your traffic by creating a sitemap. You can make sure that people can find your content and they can find what they are looking for.

How To Generate Sitemaps

  1. Enter a domain name.
  2. Specify the Modified date.
  3. Specify Change frequency.
  4. Specify the Default priority.
  5. Select the number of pages to crawl.
  6. Click Generate Sitemap.