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About Whois Checker

Whois checker is the most convenient way to verify domain ownership. It provides a full list of contact information about the domain registrar/provider, its registration date, expiration date, name servers and many more. Check if the domain name is currently registered or not.


You can even check the WHOIS history of a domain.  If you want to know who owns a certain domain name, you can use Whois Lookup to find out. The Whois database is a publicly accessible resource, you can check any domain name for free.


Whois is an essential tool for webmasters and domainers. It is a very useful tool for domainers who are interested in purchasing domains that have already been registered by someone else.


 Use Whois Checker to:

  1. Lookup the Whois information for any website
  2. View the registrant details for a domain name
  3. See if a hostname is registered by a business or individual
  4. Check the accuracy of a URL
  5. Find out the owner of a website
  6. Check the history of a website
  7. Verify a domain name
  8. Verify a company’s contact information
  9. Verify an email address
  10. Check the ownership of a host
  11. Check the status of a domain name
  12. Get more info about a domain name
  13. Check the availability of a website

How it works

  1. Enter your URL,
  2. Click "Get WHOIS Data"