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About URL Rewriting Tool

A URL Rewriting tool allows you to change your site’s URLs. This helps you to make your website easy to find. This is particularly useful for dynamic URLs. Dynamic URLs or dynamic sites are generated the moment a user submits a search query. Unlike static websites, they are not stored as a whole on the relevant server but are generated with the stored data on the server and an application. A program or application accesses a database and a website is created based on the user's request.


Use this URL Rewriting Tool to:

  1. Rewrite your URLs.
  2. Change the original URL to a new one. It is used to
  3. Create SEO-friendly URLs.
  4. Make your URLs easier to remember.


URL Rewriting Tool has an inbuilt database that can be updated with the changes you make. You can also add new pages and folders to your website. You can add your own categories and tags. With this tool, you can create custom URLs for your web pages, blog posts, or any other content on your website, so that they will appear differently in search engines.


It generates Type 1 - Single Page URL and Type 2 - Directory Type URL with their corresponding generated and sample URL as well as a htaccess code that you can use in your website's .htaccess file.


How it works

  1. Enter your URL
  2. Click "Submit"